Wylex NMT2SPD3W/1 Surge Protection Device SPD Module Type 2


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The Wylex NMT2SPD3W/1 is a single module Surge Protection Device (SPD) of Type 2, specifically designed to be used in Wylex consumer units. This SPD can be easily installed by connecting it directly to the busbar, similar to how an RCBO is installed. With a rating of 100A, the NMT2SPD3W/1 eliminates the need for an additional backup device in the consumer unit. It is a single module SPD that has been meticulously designed, manufactured, and tested to comply with IEC EN61643-11 standards.


Height: 85mm.
Width: 18mm.
Depth: 70mm.

Nominal discharge surge current (8/20) µs : 20kA.
Short-circuit breaking capacity (Isccr): 25kA.
Max. continuous voltage AC: 275V.
Max. discharge surge current (8/20) µs : 40kA.
Voltage protection level: 1.3 kV.
Voltage protection level L-N: 1.3 kV.
Voltage protection level N-PE: 1.3 kV.
Max. conductorcross section (solid / stranded): 25mm2.

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