Here's a selection of our inspiration guides for helping you kit out your home in the best possible way. From plug socket placement to lighting help and advice, we've got you covered. We also have a separate set of articles for technical advice and installation guides.

Kitchen Plug Socket Placement

Get some inspiration on how to position plug sockets in your kitchen to create a great design whilst complying with regulations.

Why LED Lights Flicker

LED lights are common in all homes nowadays but can sometimes have issues with flickering. Find out why, and some potential solutions.

Warm White vs Cool White Light Bulbs

Learn about the key differences between warm white and cool white when buying light bulbs with this guide.


Light Bulb Fittings and Sizes

With such a wide range of different light bulb fittings available, it's important that you get the right one for your lighting needs.


Light Bulb Shapes and Sizes

From Teardrop to Candle, Bullet to Golf Ball - our light bulb shapes and sizes guide tells you everything you need to know.

Different Types of Downlights

Downlights have become an increasingly popular type of lighting to use in various rooms in the home. Here we explain all the different types available.


Light Beam Angle Explained

If you're installing or replacing LED downlights then you'll need to know about the impact of beam angle on your setup

Using Downlights in the Bathroom

Find out about the right way to install, replace and angle downlights within your bathroom for the best lighting setup

When to Use Daylight Bulbs

There's a lot of confusion over the different types of colour from light bulbs, none more so than the daylight bulb.


When to Use Floodlights

Floodlights have a range of uses - not just in the home - so read this guide for information on how to correctly take advantage of their lighting style 

Bedroom Plug Socket Placement

If you're designing the layout of your bedroom then you'll need to consider where to place plug sockets for optimal use and benefit

Living Room Plug Socket Placement

Whether designing a new living room layout, or adding sockets to an existing room, our guide will help you with all the considerations.


Light Switch Placement

A guide explaining the rules and regulations - as well as design inspiration - for placement of light switches throughout your home

How to Light a Landing or Hallway

These are key areas in your home and getting the lighting right can be a tricky job. Learn about the different techniques with our guide.

How to Light a Bedroom

Given its diverse uses, lighting your bedroom the right way can dramatically impact its functionality and ambience. Here’s our handy guide on bedroom lighting.


How to Light a Living Room

The right lighting scheme can transform your living room from a mundane space into a comfortable, inviting haven. Find out how in this guide.