Luceco F Type Integrated Dimmable Fire Rated 6W IP65 Downlight White 600lm - 4000K


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The Luceco EFCF40W30 is an FType Compact 4W fire-rated flat LED downlight with a 60-degree beam angle, warm 4000K) white colour, IP65 rating and white finish, manufactured by BG Electrical.

As part of the FType Compact range, the EFCF40W30 is specifically designed for low-void ceilings, measuring only 60mm from its base to the front of the lamp. The downlight is fully coverable by insulation making it perfect for use on any floor and as such is suitable for a huge range of commercial and domestic applications. Each downlight is fire rated to 90 minutes to maintain the integrity of a ceiling in the event of a spark, and is constructed to IP65 standards – so is waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, they can be used anywhere from bedrooms to garages with the same functionality.

The internal LED has a lifetime of at least 25,000 hours and is suitable for trailing-edge dimmable lighting circuits. The EFCF40W30 specifically comes fitted with a 4W lamp that emits 400 lumens with a warm white colour, which can reach a 60-degree angle of light thanks to the spotlight’s design – suitable for most applications in medium-to-large sized areas. The flat bezel gives a tidy finish – these bezels are interchangeable with other colours in the range.

The EFCF40W30 requires a 67mm cut-out for a snug fit and must be connected to a standard 220-240V mains. To aid installation, they are fitted with the BG Clip&Fit cable clamp housing and Speedfit loop in/out push-fit terminals.

The downlight is designed to be both Part C and Part E compliant with building regulations, so are resistant to moisture and to the passage of sound
  • Lamp type: 4W Samsung LED chip - 400 lumens
  • Digital dimmable - suitable for trailing-edge dimmers
  • Colour temperature: 3000K (warm white)
  • LED lifetime: 25000 hours
  • Includes a white bezel - bezels interchangeable (sold separately)
  • Fixed version
  • Clip&Fit cable clamp housing and Speedfit wiring for quick and easy installation
  • IP65 rated - 30, 60, 90 min fire rated - Part C (air leakage) and Part E (acoustic)
  • Cut-out size: 67mm - Low height (60mm) perfect for low-void ceilings

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