7 Smart Ways to Lower Your Winter Heating Bills

Staying warm and toasty is not easy in the cold winter months. When the temperature plummets, staying comfortable becomes more expensive, and that can put a huge strain on your household budget.

The good news is you do not have to sacrifice your comfort or wear your winter coat indoors. Indeed a few small changes can make a huge difference, and here are seven tips to get you started. 


Invest in an energy audit.

If you want to save money on your heating bills, it helps to know where you stand now. Investing in an energy audit will give you a list of action items, things you can address throughout the winter heating season. 


Replace your worst window.

If the energy audit shows that your windows could use a replacement but your budget does not allow it. Focus on your worst window and watch the savings add up. You can take the money you save and use it to replace the next worst window - and so on until your entire house is done.


Stock up on sweaters.

Home heating costs are the primary drivers of high utility bills in the winter, so invest in a cozy sweatshirt or fluffy sweater and turn the thermostat down a few degrees. 


Consider a tankless water heater.

Heating water for those soothing showers is an energy intensive process, and often an expensive one. A tankless water heater can sharply reduce energy usage and put more money in your pocket.


Make sure your light bulbs are all energy saving LEDs

Simply changing your light bulbs could result in real energy savings, so make sure all your bulbs are highly efficient LED models. 


Choose energy efficient appliances.

If your stove, washing machine or other major appliance needs replacing, make sure the model you choose is as energy efficient as possible.


Seal up windows and doors.

A surprisingly large amount of heat can leak out under doors and around windows, and sealing them up could save you a lot of money. With nothing more than a caulking gun and a few tubes of caulk you could save yourself hundreds of dollars a year. ] 


In Conclusion

Making it through the cold winter months can be a challenge, not only for your body but for your wallet as well. If you are trying to stay comfortable on a limited budget, the tips listed above can help you do it, so you can emerge into the warmth of spring with your finances intact.